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We Do

We provide the most current and complete Big Data Analytics, IOT, Web, Legacy Systems Modernization & Mobile technical support, and world-class consulting skills in business integration with IBM, 3rd party & Open Source software & solutions.

For You

We provide on time and on budget solutions, along with delivering services in the area of web and mobile development, system integration, outsourcing, legacy system modernization & performance tuning.

And also

  • Turnkey Solutions: BancAssurance, eMarketing, Social Business...
  • Big Data Analytics for Retails & Telcos Stores Inventory/sales optimization Solution: Delivery Japan molS
  • TroyTech iRenaissance Solution
  • Main distributor of BASE100 (Spain): Caravel for Automatic iSeries migration.
  • Distributorship of Knowesis SIFT: Real time Contexture Marketing