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Application Integration & Development
TroyTech builds, deploys and manages your applications for your business needs even when the situation calls for extreme processing. TroyTech composes with a collection of services & technologies that enables the integration of systems across the enterprise.
IT infrastructure services
From mobility and security to cloud and storage services, TroyTech proposes a spectrum of IT infrastructure services and a range of flexible delivery options to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Gain the skills, insights and capabilities you need to achieve new levels of efficiency and agility while truly engineering your business for growth.
Enterprise Mobility
The shift to mobile is dramatically changing the way people work and companies do business. IT departments are being challenged to effectively manage resources and infrastructure to support the mobile enterprise. Enterprise mobility solutions are complex. To succeed, TroyTech will deliver for you a true end-to-end mobility service.
IT Outsourcing
You organisation will gain a number of benefits by outsourcing its IT functions to TroyTech:
  • Cost reduction,
  • Predictable IT expenditure,
  • Improved service levels,
  • Time reduction and speed to market.
IT Insourcing
You organisation will increase its employee satisfaction with in-house technical services:
  • Faster response times to technical issues,
  • Internal staff with more intimate knowledge of the systems in place,
  • Better control (removal of external layers).
Technical Support Services
TroyTech will help you simplify the management of your multi-vendor IT infrastructure by leveraging our global support capabilities, proven expertise and support processes, delivered locally through a single point of accountability. Our deep experience across a wide range of technology platforms and strategic alliance with leading partners can help you to optimize your IT infrastructure performance, availability and security.
Cloud Service Delivery & Management
TroyTech accompanies your migration to integrated cloud and data center solutions, helps IT operations teams effectively manage increasingly complex, hybrid environments and accelerate cloud services delivery. This is done through advanced automation, performance management and orchestration capabilities.
Modernization of Legacy System to J2EE Transformation with Tools & Services such as Databorough X-Analysis
TroyTech has main distributorship of X-Analysis in Asia Pacific region, Automated Modernization Technology Experts (X-Analysis), Has 20 Years i series experience.
AS/400 GUI Modernization with looksoftware
TroyTech has Distributorship of looksoftware
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